James Clews is based in the South West of England.

My passion for photography began at a very early age, my love of the outdoors, landscapes and motor sports, encouraged me to capture my experiences on camera so that I could share them with others. From the moment I picked up my first camera I was hooked, the enjoyment I and others gained from viewing my shots soon made me want to push the boundaries of my hobby. After studying action photography and Media at college, I worked constantly at perfecting the art of producing better and more challenging shots.

My hard work was soon rewarded, I won the coveted Motocross photographer of the year award, beating hundreds of other enthusiasts, and my landscape shots were featured in many national and local newspapers.  I had success at national level with a number of wildlife photographs and Microsoft used one of my favorites as a desktop on their “Bing” search engine home page. My wedding and function skills along with my commercial shots, have all been received with praise.

My determination to experiment with my photography and desire to produce a better shot than the last one are the driving force in my business, allow me to share your events through my photography, or enjoy any of my landscape shots on a wall in your home.